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Nov. 20 Class — Proposed Reading

Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks

After contemplating possible readings for our Nov. 20 class, I’m proposing the Introduction to the above text which is titled “Adventures in Media and Cultural Studies: Introducing the KeyWorks” (Durham and Kellner, 2001 & 2006).

I think of learning (and teaching) as an adventure, so the title resonated with me when I had to purchase the book for a Foundations in Media Theory class.

The co-written essay is an assemblage of what D & K consider “Key-Works” of “current theories and methods”. The texts chosen are “Key” because they believe the perspectives and theorists they’ve included in the volume are among the most significant and serviceable for engaging the forms and influences of contemporary media and culture, which are playing such important roles in contemporary life. D & K add that “it is obvious that we must come to understand our cultural environment if we want control over our lives.” A huge claim, valid nonetheless, to which I’d add that the volume’s intention is a nice complement to humanities work.

The essay itself is nowhere near as heavy as the above paragraph and is actually a really informative and well-written “Multiperspectival (now THAT’s a word for ya) Approach” toward Theory/Method/Critique. It’s a good, foundational reading that I think would complement and anchor the readings in Intro to DH.

I keep this book on my desk and alongside it now is Debates in the Digital Humanities because they share an affinity as tomes, in my opinion.

Amazon allows you a look inside at the entire Intro essay and I’m happy to provide a file, if this reading is a “go” for Nov. 20.