CUNY DHI Lightning Talks

For those who couldn’t make it to the Lightning Talks on Tuesday, here is the list of the great & cool projects that were presented:

1- Manuscript builder
by Teresa Ober – GC

2- The fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making
By Eugenia Paulicelli – Queen’s College & GC

3- DH as OER
by our colleague Nancy Foasberg – Queens college

4- Art history teaching resources (AHTR)

5- Net-Art

6- Building and Modeling undergrad DH research
by Dr. Andie Silva – York College

7- Translating Nuova York 
by Julie Van Peteghem – Hunter College

8-  Visualizing epistemology
by David Giuseppe Colasanto & Julian Gonzalez de Leon Heiblum – GC

9- Communities of Platform Development from OPENLAB at CITY TECH
By Kristen Hackett – GC
AND Commons in a Box OpenLab: A Commons for Open Learning
by Matthew Gold

10- QC Voices
by Stefano Morello – GC

11- Expanding Communities of Practice: DH research Institute
By Lisa Rhody & Kalle Westerling – GC

12-Digital Publishing with Manifold Scholarship with University of Minnesota Press
By Matthew Gold & Jojo Kerlin – GC


3 thoughts on “CUNY DHI Lightning Talks

    1. Hannah House

      Hi Nancy, your talk was great!

      This may well be on your radar already, but I just came across the Open Syllabus Project. It doesn’t give individual syllabus details but does give aggregate information. Limitation to the dataset and report outs are detailed in the FAQ.

      I’m pleased to see that The Yellow Wallpaper is in the top 10 most assigned works on their English syllabus dataset.

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