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Some Things I’d Like to Read

Matt and Steve asked for requests for readings, and said in class that it’s time to get those in! I guess I was waiting for someone else to start a thread that I could chime in on, but maybe I’ll take a break from watching the anxiety show and should start that thread myself.

I’d like to have a little more about network analysis — we had a lot of readings about visualization, and some of those did touch on network analysis, like Klein’s piece on the images of absence, with its extremely elegant arc diagrams, but there wasn’t a lot. I don’t know what the foundational pieces on network analysis are, although I was really intrigued by Lisa Rhody’s work when I saw her in a panel last month.

If we can just add pieces that we really like, I thought Data & Society’s report, “Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube” is very interesting from a network analysis point of view but also fits in with the unit on race and inequality and algorithms. Anyway I’m rather selfishly interested to know what other people in the class think of it.